We are always arranging events throughout the year for our young people or residents. Please keep visiting this page regularly to keep up to date or visit our twitter or facebook pages.

Here are our confirmed events for the forthcoming year. If you are interested in attending any of them, or want more information, contact us on


Join our 2018 Sleep Easy Campaign – March 9th 2018

SleepEasy Challenge – register here

Date: 9th – 10th March 2018

Time: 7pm-7am

Venue: YMCA SUPERSTORE (CARPARK), Unit N2, Colchester Avenue, CF23 9AP, Cardiff.

For those of you who can sleep out so that others don’t have to, the classic SleepEasy experience gives you that opportunity. Turn up at the YMCA Superstore with your bedding and we will provide you with cardboard to make a shelter. We will also provide snacks and drinks. There will be some activities to help pass the night away, or you can simply bed down for the night. Registration Fee/Donation: £10


SleepEasy Sleepover – register here

Date: Any night during 1st – 31st March 2018

Venue: This year, we are encouraging people who are unable to make it to the main event, to hold their own satellite events. This could be at your local church, school, workplace, college, home or any other safe place. Registration Fee/Donation £5


SleepEasy Sofa Surfers – register here

Date: Any night during 1st – 31st March 2018

Venue: Why not highlight the plight of people who Sofa Surf because they don’t have a home of their own. We would welcome anyone of any age to register

as a SleepEasy Sofa Surfer, spending a night sleeping on a sofa whilst getting your family and friends to sponsor you. Registration Fee/Donation £3


All information about the SleepEasy 2018 can be found here.