Theatre Hire

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Our Theatre offers an intimate space suitable for Theatrical Performances and small conferences.

The Theatre features a raised stage with sound and lighting systems, dressing room and a 133 seat auditorium with raked seating.

Please note that all of the three dimensions are approximate and we would advise that you check for any scenery requirements. If you would like more information on Theatre hire or would like to view our facilities before you book, please Contact Us or call us on the number provided. 


Theatre Hire Rates

Full Week – £742.00 
Daily Rate – £161.00 (Weekdays)
Weekend Rate – £204.00
Thurs – Sat – £371.00
Per Hour – £28.00
Fire Officer – per performance £42.00 inc VAT (capped at 4 performances)
Technical Officer – one off payment of £72.00 inc VAT

All rates include VAT

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Theatre Hire Booking Conditions

It is a requirement that all groups use the Technical Officer and Fire Officer provided by the Cardiff YMCA. It is the responsibility of each group to liaise with the Theatre Technical Officer to discuss any technical requirements, at least 2 weeks before the hireable date.

Attendance of a Technical Officer during 1 hour “Get in” and 1 hour “Get Out” is mandatory, and is chargeable at £50.00 (£25.00 per hour) + V.A.T. If additional technical requirements are deemed necessary, by either the Technical Officer, or the hirer, these may be negotiated directly between the hirer and the Technical Officer.

A qualified Fire Officer MUST be in attendance during all performances. The Association retains the right to nominate the Fire Officer. This is chargeable at £30.00 + V.A.T. per performance.

The equipment and premises will be inspected during the “Get out” of any visiting group vacating the premises to ensure that all is in order. All visiting groups will be held liable for any damage incurred to premises or equipment, or to any additional costs incurred from the misuse of the premises or equipment. The association retains the right to keep the bond payable upon booking should any of the above occur.

“Get-in” time. Entry to the premises is after 12.00 p.m. on the first day of the booking.

“Get-out” time. The premises must be vacated before 12.00 p.m. on the last day of the booking. Times will need to be confirmed in advance.

  • Use only the lighting and sound equipment already rigged unless extras have been APPROVED by the Theatre Technical Officer.
  • DO NOT nail into, or deface the cyclorama at the rear of the stage.
  • DO NOT nail into the floor of the stage.
  • NO entry is permitted to the roof area above the auditorium.
  • DO NOT use any flats from the storage area behind the stage unless PERMISSION has been given by the Theatre Technical Officer.
  • The use of smoke machines, dry ice machines, fog machines, wind machines, pyrotechnics or naked flames is NOT PERMITTED.
  • The content of productions MUST NOT offend the general public.
  • Productions that include nudity or the excessive use of profane language will NOT BE PERMITTED.
  • It is a FIRE HAZARD and a HEALTH & SAFETY HAZARD to leave any rubbish/props in the stairwells or passageways during your set-up and production. It is an offence to block any Fire Exit during entry or upon vacating the building. You MUST ensure that these areas are kept clear at all times. Failure to comply may result in the Fire Officer or a representative of the Association refusing to permit a performance commencing.
  • Stage area, dressing rooms and passageways MUST be left in a clean and tidy condition. All rubbish must be placed in the bins situated in the rear car park or removed off site by the hirer.
  • ALL LIGHTS MUST BE SWITCHED OFF, ensuring that the electricity power box at rear of stage is switched off. All keys must be returned to Reception.
  • All groups and the public must vacate the YMCA premises by 10.00 p.m. If this is not adhered to, additional charges may be added to the hire costs.
  • The theatre prohibits, under copyright law and the child protection act, the recording by still or video graphic means, any performance other than that undertaken at the request of the visiting company by a licensed videographer. This policy will be strictly enforced by YMCA and theatre staff.
  • A Risk Assessment form must be completed before any production is allowed to open and a risk assessment must be completed and signed off by the Theatre Technical Officer.
  • It is a requirement that if there are any children taking part in your performance, that Child Performance Licences are issued to you by your Local Authority. If a Licence is not required the Organiser of the performance/show will still need to register all children taking part. If the Safeguarding office has not been provided with the necessary information, the Cardiff YMCA can refuse to permit a performance commencing.

Century Lighting are Cardiff YMCA’s approved contractor, and any technical issues should, be referred to them directly.

This Policy will be enforced and if not adhered to we reserve the right to stop the performance and require offenders to leave the premises.

Contact details are as follows:

Cardiff YMCA Administrator. Matthew Lewis – 02920 465250
David Blyth -Theatre Technical Officer
Telephone: 01446 741131 or Mobile: 07551 796 787

Safeguarding Office
Education Service, Room 116, County Hall
Cardiff, CF10 4UW
Tel: 02920 872 891 / Fax: 02920 872 887