Lord Mayor’s Matinee

About The Lord Mayor’s Matinee


The Lord Mayor’s Matinee takes place on the last Sunday of January each year and continues to be as successful today as it was when it was first introduced in 1955. Cardiff YMCA works alongside local dance schools to achieve the smooth running of the matinee, on the day.

We at Cardiff YMCA hope that the matinee is more than a fundraising event with no purpose other than to raise money, but it is part of the YMCA aims to provide a welcome to all in a place which is theirs to share, where friendships can be made, develop activities which stimulate and challenge, in an environment that enables them to take responsibility and find a sense of achievement; involvement for all in caring and working with others and to create opportunities for themselves and others through gaining a sense of achievement and supporting participation with children and young people.

The YMCA works very closely with the individual Dance Schools appearing in the Matinee and truly appreciate the hard work, time and tireless commitment put in by these schools which is something that should not be forgotten. We also thank all parents/guardians for their tremendous patience in supporting their child/children in enabling them to appear on stage.

St David’s Hall has been the venue for the Matinee for many years now and we would like to thank them for their continued patience and understanding which contributes to this being a successful annual event.

For details of the Matinee, please contact:
Cardiff YMCA : 029 2046 5250 or Marion Garrod: 029 2061 9891