YMCA Cardiff SleepEasy 2017

2nd December 2016

YMCA Cardiff SleepEasy 2017


YMCA Plas, Plasnewydd Community Hall,

2 Shakespeare St, Cardiff CF24 3ES

Friday 31st March 2017

7am – 6am


To be a SleepEasy participant or fundraiser, please click here

Thank you for your interest in our YMCA fundraising event designed to help us raise money to help change the lives of vulnerable people in Cardiff.

Since the event began in 2010, almost £1million pounds has been raised by hundreds of people across the UK who chose to sleep rough for just one night to support their local YMCAs.

Our aim is simple: spend a night sleeping rough at YMCA Plas, Plasnewydd Community Hall, 2 Shakespeare St, Cardiff CF24 3ES on Friday 31st March, 2017 to highlight the issue of homelessness and raise vital funds to support the YMCA’s work in Cardiff.


This year we are offering 3 ways to get involved

SleepEasy Classic

For those of you who simply want to sleep out so that others don’t have to, the classic SleepEasy experience gives you that opportunity. Turn up at YMCA Plas with your bedding and we will provide you with cardboard to make a shelter and a sleeping mat. We will also provide snacks and drinks. There will be some activities to help pass the night away, or you can simply bed down for the night.

SleepEasy Sleepover

This year, we are also encouraging people who are unable to make it to YMCA Plas, to hold their own satellite events. This could be at your local church, school, workplace, college, home or any other safe place. Simply find a venue and some willing participants, and let us know about it. We can email you event information or you may wish to design you own.

SleepEasy Sofa Surfers

Or why not think about highlighting the plight of the hidden homeless – people who Sofa Surf because they don’t have a home of their own. The actual figures for those who will be sofa surfing on any given night are really unknown as no official records are kept.

We would welcome anyone of any age to register as a SleepEasy Sofa Surfer, spending a night sleeping on your own sofa or that of a friend or relative whilst getting your family and friends to sponsor you.


To take part, either as a SleepEasy participant, or as a YMA fundraiser, simply open your very own free JustGiving fundraising page:


Once you have registered your fundraising page, JustGiving will send us an email to let us know, so that we can send you further information.

If you are under 18 you may only take part in the SleepEasy Sleepover or as a SleepEasy Sofa Surfer. Please ask a parent or guardian to register your free JustGiving fundraising page for you.

JustGiving is a great way to keep tabs on how your sponsorship is going and also does away with all that chasing around to collect your sponsor money after the event.

If you prefer to use sponsorship forms please email info@ymcacardiff.wales ensuring you enter SleepEasy in the subject box.



We have a range of meeting rooms (and a theatre) available at our main site in the Walk in Cardiff and also at our other site YMCA Plas. You can hire by the hour or by the day (7 days a week) and there is the option of refreshments and food available also (available only Mon-Fri) Click on the main Room Hire Link to see the options available or give us a call to discuss your requirements. Why not book at the YMCA and support our charitable work.

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