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What is the Cardiff C-Card Scheme?C-Card-Standards-Logo

The YMCA Cardiff C-Card Scheme is a co-ordinated free condom distribution scheme for young people aged 13 – 25 years of age funded by Families First in Cardiff. It provides quick, easy and confidential access to condoms, supported by written material. Young people are able to get a C-Card by visiting one of our C-Card Points across Cardiff. A trained professional will then ensure that young people have the skills and information necessary to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health before issuing a C-Card.

How does a young person sign up to Cardiff C-Card Scheme?

A young person will chat in private with a trained C-Card Assessor about relationships, sex and how to use a condom. The C-Card Assessor will then fill in a form and take some details. The young person will be issued a C-Card and get their first bag of condoms. A C-Card sign up takes 10-15 minutes. To collect more condoms after signing up it takes less than 5 minutes.

Is Cardiff C-Card Scheme confidential?

The information a young person gives us is kept confidential. No information is passed on to anyone else. We may have to talk to someone else if we think a young person is at risk, and we will always try and talk to the young person before we do this. If a young person is worried about this, they can ask the C-Card Assessor before they start giving their information.

How many condoms does a young person get?

When a young person registers the Assessor will ask how many condoms they would like each week. The maximum that anyone can get is 10 condoms per week. We provide a variety of condoms (including non-latex) as well as dental dams and lube.

Where can a young person access Cardiff C-Card Scheme?

We have a dedicated map that will help a young person find a C-Card Points near them. We have over 60 C-Card Points across Cardiff in a number of locations.

I am a professional looking to offer the C-Card Scheme to young people I work with, how do I become a C-Card Assessor?

If you are interested in delivering the C-Card Scheme or would like more information about the Scheme, please contact George at

Training dates for 2018/19 are as follows (click to enlarge)

Contact us

T 02920 465 250

or write to

YMCA Cardiff
The Walk
CF24 3AG

To find out more about the Sexual Health Outreach Team click here.

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