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Join ‘Team YMCA’ on Sunday 7th October and help change the lives of the 1000 people that come through our doors every year for help.

We provide a range of supported accommodation; opportunities to take part in a range of activities within a community setting, and help those furthest from the labour market into work through volunteering and training as a route away from long-term benefit dependency. By supporting this event, you can help us to help vulnerable people of all ages improve their wellbeing, confidence, skills and help people reliant on benefits to improve their lives. Our youth and community teams can provide 1 to 1 support; help over 250 young carers and their families, and provide sexual health outreach programmes, childcare and well equipped community rooms. We also deliver youth clubs and various other opportunities across both Cardiff and Newport. Your support will enable us to offer practical training; much needed support for someone at breaking point and help us to get someone’s life back on track.We provide 45,000 bed-nights of supported accommodation every year; support over 250 young carers and their families; provide sexual health outreach programmes, and deliver youth clubs and other opportunities across Cardiff.

Help us to continue to grow and meet demand by joining our team. Our target is £20,000.

All you need to do is register for just £10, and pledge to raise £150.

When you join Team YMCA you will receive:

Running number and timing chip

Advice and support

Refreshments en-route

Post-race goody bag

Commemorative t-shirt, medal and more


Link to register: here

Donate via Just Giving: here


How your money can help:

Just £8 will help us! It’s not just the food that makes an occasion special – it’s enjoying it in the company of loved ones. But when you’re homeless, there’s often no one to invite you to share those special moments. For thousands of homeless people, this is reality… but with your help we can change this. Help us provide a homeless person with a fantastic nutritious meal, in a warm welcoming and safe setting.


For a person who has been living rough on the streets, simply keeping warm, clean and dry is almost impossible. At a cost to us of £15, our ‘Pack of Essentials’ is flexible, and contains different items depending on individual needs: dry food, food vouchers, a fresh towel, toiletries, clothing, shoes, warm coat etc.  With your help we can provide these items in our emergency ’pack of essentials’ to help a homeless person while longer-term solutions are found.


Through raising £50, you could help a homeless person learn new skills, access training, volunteering or paid employment. We are able to provide practical advice and support to give a homeless person greater self-confidence, independence, work experience, and an opportunity to earn a wage.  £50 can also provide access to a range of tailored programmes providing skills for life including: cooking, budgeting, communication skills, and a focus on developing personal and social skills. This approach helps people to believe in themselves. YMCA staff support and motivate residents to find and maintain paid or voluntary work and help set up training and work placements. Not only does this benefit homeless people – it also promotes a positive work culture within our hostels and demonstrates that it is not always an unwillingness to work that is at the root of unemployment and benefit.

Our hostels are almost always full, but we recognise the urgent and immediate need for some people with literally nowhere to go but the streets.
For this purpose, we keep available a room for a crisis. The room is staffed 365 days of the year. £30 will cover the cost of an overnight stay, a cooked meal, breakfast and practical advice and help to find a place to stay.Our Emergency Bed is available every night of the year, and is offered to vulnerable people who would otherwise be sleeping rough. By donating this ‘thoughtful gift’ you will be helping us rescue a homeless person from the danger and loneliness of sleeping on the streets.


Homeless people with pets find it so difficult to find somewhere to live. With advice from the Canine Protection League and the Dog’s Trust we have set aside two specially designed rooms for people with pets. Just £15 will help us support someone with a pet for one night. We have successfully housed a number of people with cats, and dogs ranging from Boxers to Jack Russell’s, Labradors and Rottweiler’s – and they have all been very well behaved and popular with residents and staff alike!


£150 p/m or £1500 for the whole year can help us provide a homeless person with a home from home. On cold winter evenings, there really is no place like it. But for hundreds of people, a freezing street or a park bench is the only place they have left to go. That’s why our Room Sponsorship Scheme provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and companies to positively help the lives of homeless people during a time of great anxiety and uncertainty. By raising funds to sponsor one of our rooms, we can give a homeless person not just a safe place to stay, but a future where they will also have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to move on with their lives.