How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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Supporting Employment Aspirations

The Aspire Project has been running for YMCA residents since June 2016 and supports homeless benefit claimants with a mental health condition towards employment. Aspire offers participants:

• Four week pre-placement training to improve confidence regarding employability and mental health awareness.
• A placement with a local business to suit the participant’s passion and skills.

Aspire won ‘Training & Education Project of the Year’ at the YMCA England & Wales Youth Matters Awards 2018

Benefits for businesses

●  Enhance your public profile
●  Promote workforce diversity
●  Access a hidden pool of talent
●  Help economic growth in the UK
●  Reduction of mental health stigma

“We decided to work with Aspire as it was an opportunity to help people get back into work, and provided us with a chance to recruit a sector of the public that we may have otherwise missed.

We found the programme to be very flexible and adaptive to our ways of working. It began with a tour and introduction to some of the team and roles within our business, we then discussed further details with interested candidates. Full-time positions were available within our kitchen to two individuals. One of which has completed 6 months service with us, and is thriving in his role!

The whole process was supported by staff from Aspire, and was easy to manage.

We would definitely work with Aspire again, and would urge other businesses to do so it enables positive change in the way we recruit and retain our team.” Whitbread PLC, 2018

Contact us on 02920 465250 if you are a business that would like to be involved with Aspire.