Our main hostel accommodation at The Walk is an 81 bed project. In addition to this we also have a 40 bed project at the Ambassador in Oakfield Street which is made up of 35 hostel rooms (including 2 pet rooms), 3 pod spaces and 2 emergency beds.

During the winter months the Ambassador also operates floor space called the Cold Weather Provision (CWP) which runs from November to March. We provide a safe area for people to sleep and issue them with a camp bed and sleeping bag. They also get food and toiletries for their use.

All our projects are accessible to those in need of accommodation and support. Referrals into our projects is made by the local authorities’ Housing Options Centre Gateway team but can also be accessed through the Outreach Team, The Bus Project or any other agency working with someone that is  homeless.

Pet room

The Ambassador hostel retains 2 rooms which are designated pet rooms. We recognise that homeless people can love their pets as much as anyone else and offer a safe place for them to stay and look after their beloved dog.

Each dog is assessed prior to move in and staff will assist the resident to register the dog with The Dogs Trust to ensure the welfare of the dog continues. All dogs staying with us must be neutered and microchipped and we work closely with the Dogs Trust as they run health screenings that can help improve the life and wellbeing of the dogs.

People told me that having my dog was holding me back, but she was everything to me. And having lost everything else – my home, job, car, my possessions – I couldn’t bear to lose her too

Emergency bed

There are 2 allocated emergency beds at the Ambassador hostel, plus 3 Pods. The Gateway team refer into these and each person can stay for up to 28 days. During this time they have the privacy of their own room with access to shared bathroom facilities.

Each resident will also receive breakfast each day and a main meal for the duration of their stay. Their move on from the emergency bed is usually into the main hostel accommodation where they can access more regular support and get help to be moved on into more stable accommodation. However, whilst staying the emergency bed residents can access basic support to help with new benefit claims or accessing any health services.