10 June 2021



Support for young carers with new ID card scheme


A new scheme to enable young carers in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to get the support and recognition they need has been launched today (Thursday, June 10), during Carers Week.


The Young Carers ID card is a national initiative to support young people who care for a family member or friend to receive more understanding about the role they play, especially from the professionals they come into contact with most often. The scheme will identify the young person carrying the card as a young carer, and help people like doctors, teachers and pharmacists to recognise them and support them appropriately.

A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who cares for someone who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

There are more than 350 young carers being supported by services in Cardiff and the Vale and these individuals do so much to help and support family members and friends, often unseen, providing, practical and emotional help and support – from washing, lifting and cooking to organising the family finances. The estimated total number of young carers across the regions is more likely to be nearer to one in five school-aged children and young people.


Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils are working with the YMCA to deliver the card scheme across the region.  The YMCA already supports young carers in the area through various initiatives including the Cardiff Young Carers Project and young carers already working with the charity will be the first to receive their new ID cards.

The card will contain a photo of the young carer, their date of birth, and an expiration date, as well as contact information for Carers Trust Wales and young carers services. All cards will display the Young Carers ID card logo, which was designed by two young carers.

Cardiff Council Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Cllr Graham Hinchey, said: “We are really pleased to launch the young carers ID card in the region with the Vale of Glamorgan Council and YMCA. The card will be a quick and simple way for young carers to let teachers, pharmacists and GPs know that this young person looks after someone else. The scheme will help boost young carers’ confidence as they carry out their role and help overcome some of the challenges they may have faced previously, such as problems collecting medicines for the person they care for.”

Cllr Ben Gray, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Social Care and Health said: “Whomever a young carer looks after, there is an impact on that young person’s life, whether that be on their emotional or physical wellbeing, educational achievement or life chances. However, with the right support, young people can balance their caring with doing the things that matter to them, and be empowered to fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions.

“This new ID card scheme will raise awareness of young carers’ responsibilities and help them to get the assistance they need.”

Caroline Ryan Head of Youth and Community at YMCA Cardiff added: “Many children and young people in Cardiff and the Vale today may not even realise that they are a young carer, We hope that the launch of the new ID card will raise awareness of the vital role young carers play not only among professionals and the wider community, but with children and young people themselves. By law, they have the right to a carer’s needs assessment and to access information, advice and support for their caring role.”

Kate Cubbage, Head of External Affairs for Carers Trust Wales said: “Young carers have long called for an ID card to support them in their caring role and to help them have the confidence to ask for help when they need it.

“Carers Trust is delighted to have received Welsh Government funding to lead the development of a suite of resources to support the rollout of the national Young Carers ID card model which will encourage young carers to have the confidence to speak openly about their caring role with health, social care and education professionals. The resources, available to download on Carers.org/YCID, will also give professionals the tools they need to recognise young carers and to give them appropriate support.

“In response to challenges that have been amplified by the pandemic many local authorities have brought forward the launch of their ID card, with all local authorities due to make an ID card available to young carers by March 2022.

“This Carers Week we are pleased to celebrate the launch of the ID card in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan which will help ensure that young carers across the region get the recognition, respect and support they deserve.

“We have welcomed the opportunity to work together with Welsh Government, local authorities and professional bodies across Wales to make such positive progress for young carers.”


Schools and education professionals can refer a young carer to the ID card scheme on the YMCA website here https://www.ymcacardiff.wales/ycid. Young carers can also self refer, but anyone under 14 must obtain parental consent to obtain a card.

Carers Trust Wales has been instrumental in supporting the national ID card scheme and its roll out across Wales. To complement the new ID cards, a range of learning resources has been produced by the Trust including animations and young carers’ stories to help teachers, doctors and others understand more about the challenges young carers face.

Watch the animation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwoB6SaaBbY and visit All resources – Carers Trust for a range of useful information.



Media Advisor, Andrea Currie Tel: 029 2087 3107

Email: acurrie@cardiff.gov.uk


Notes to editors:

Journalists are invited to the launch of the Cardiff and Vale Young Carers ID Scheme at YMCA Plas, 2 Shakespeare St, Cardiff CF24 3ES on June 10th, 2021 at 4pm. If you would like to attend and for more information, please contact Andrea Currie.



Cymorth i ofalwyr ifanc gyda chynllun cerdyn adnabod newydd


Lansiwyd heddiw (Dydd Iau, Mehefin 10), yn ystod Wythnos Gofalwyr, gynllun newydd i alluogi gofalwyr ifanc yng Nghaerdydd a Bro Morgannwg i gael y gefnogaeth a’r gydnabyddiaeth sydd eu hangen arnynt.


Mae’r cerdyn adnabod i Ofalwyr Ifanc yn fenter genedlaethol i wella dealltwriaeth o rôl pobl ifanc sy’n gofalu am aelod o deulu neu ffrind, yn enwedig ymhlith y gweithwyr proffesiynol hynny y maent yn dod i gysylltiad â nhw amlaf. Bydd y cynllun yn nodi’r person ifanc sy’n cario’r cerdyn fel gofalwr ifanc, ac yn helpu pobl fel meddygon, athrawon a fferyllwyr i’w hadnabod a’u cefnogi’n briodol.

Gofalwr ifanc yw rhywun sy’n 18 oed neu’n iau sy’n gofalu am rywun nad yw’n gallu ymdopi heb ei gymorth oherwydd salwch, anabledd, problem iechyd meddwl neu ddibyniaeth.

Mae dros 350 o ofalwyr ifanc yn cael eu cefnogi gan wasanaethau yng Nghaerdydd a’r Fro ac mae’r unigolion hyn yn gwneud cymaint i helpu a chefnogi aelodau o’r teulu a ffrindiau, yn aml heb eu gweld, gan roi cymorth a chefnogaeth ymarferol ac emosiynol – o olchi, cario a choginio i drefnu cyllid y teulu. Mae cyfanswm amcangyfrifedig nifer y gofalwyr ifanc ar draws y rhanbarthau yn fwy tebygol o fod yn nes at un o bob pump plentyn a pherson ifanc oedran ysgol.

Mae Cynghorau Caerdydd a Bro Morgannwg yn gweithio gyda’r YMCA i gyflawni’r cynllun cerdyn adnabod ar draws y rhanbarth.  Mae’r YMCA eisoes yn cefnogi gofalwyr ifanc yn yr ardal drwy amrywiol fentrau gan gynnwys Prosiect Gofalwyr Ifanc Caerdydd a’r gofalwyr ifanc sydd eisoes yn gweithio gyda’r elusen fydd y cyntaf i dderbyn eu cardiau adnabod newydd.

Bydd y cerdyn yn cynnwys llun o’r gofalwr ifanc, ei ddyddiad geni, a dyddiad dod i ben, yn ogystal â gwybodaeth gyswllt Ymddiriedolaeth Gofalwyr Cymru a gwasanaethau gofalwyr ifanc. Bydd logo cerdyn adnabod Gofalwyr Ifanc, a ddyluniwyd gan ddau ofalwr ifanc, ar bob cerdyn.

Dywedodd y Cynghorydd Graham Hinchey, Aelod Cabinet Cyngor Caerdydd dros Blant a Theuluoedd: “Rydym yn falch iawn o lansio’r cerdyn adnabod gofalwyr ifanc yn y rhanbarth gyda Chyngor Bro Morgannwg a’r YMCA. Bydd y cerdyn yn ffordd gyflym a syml o roi gwybod i athrawon, fferyllwyr a meddygon teulu fod y person ifanc hwn yn gofalu am rywun arall. Bydd y cynllun yn helpu i godi hyder gofalwyr ifanc wrth iddynt gyflawni eu rôl ac yn helpu i oresgyn rhai o’r heriau y gallent fod wedi’u hwynebu o’r blaen, megis problemau wrth gasglu meddyginiaethau i’r person y maent yn gofalu amdano.”

Dywedodd y Cynghorydd Ben Gray, Aelod Cabinet Cyngor Bro Morgannwg dros Ofal Cymdeithasol ac Iechyd: “Ni waeth pwy y mae gofalwr ifanc yn gofalu amdano, mae’n cael effaith ar fywyd y person ifanc hwnnw, boed hynny ar ei les emosiynol neu gorfforol, ei gyflawniad addysgol neu ei gyfleoedd mewn bywyd. Fodd bynnag, gyda’r gefnogaeth gywir, gall pobl ifanc gydbwyso eu dyletswyddau gofalu â gwneud y pethau sy’n bwysig iddynt, a ellir eu grymuso i gyflawni eu potensial a chyflawni eu huchelgeisiau.

“Bydd y cynllun cerdyn adnabod newydd hwn yn codi ymwybyddiaeth o gyfrifoldebau gofalwyr ifanc ac yn eu helpu i gael y cymorth sydd ei angen arnynt.”

Ychwanegodd Caroline Ryan, Pennaeth Ieuenctid a Chymuned, YCMA Caerdydd: “Efallai na fydd llawer o blant a phobl ifanc yng Nghaerdydd a’r Fro heddiw hyd yn oed yn sylweddoli eu bod yn ofalwr ifanc. Rydym yn gobeithio y bydd lansio’r cerdyn adnabod newydd yn codi ymwybyddiaeth o’r rôl hanfodol y mae gofalwyr ifanc yn ei chwarae nid yn unig ymhlith gweithwyr proffesiynol a’r gymuned ehangach, ond gyda’r plant a’r bobl ifanc eu hunain. Yn unol â’r gyfraith, mae ganddynt yr hawl i gael asesiad o anghenion gofalwr ac i gael gafael ar wybodaeth, cyngor a chymorth ar gyfer eu rôl gofalu.”

Dywedodd Kate Cubbage, Pennaeth Materion Allanol Ymddiriedolaeth Gofalwyr Cymru: “Mae gofalwyr ifanc wedi galw ers tro am gerdyn adnabod i’w cefnogi yn eu rôl gofalu ac i’w helpu i fod â’r hyder i ofyn am help pan fydd ei angen arnynt.

“Mae Ymddiriedolaeth Gofalwyr yn falch iawn o fod wedi derbyn cyllid gan Lywodraeth Cymru i arwain y gwaith o ddatblygu cyfres o adnoddau i gefnogi’r gwaith o gyflwyno’r model cerdyn adnabod Gofalwyr Ifanc cenedlaethol a fydd yn annog gofalwyr ifanc i gael yr hyder i siarad yn agored am eu rôl gofalu gyda gweithwyr proffesiynol o faes iechyd, gofal cymdeithasol ac addysg. Bydd yr adnoddau, sydd ar gael i’w lawrlwytho yn https://carers.org/around-the-uk-our-work-in-wales/young-carers-id-card-welsh, hefyd yn rhoi i weithwyr proffesiynol yr offer sydd eu hangen arnynt i adnabod gofalwyr ifanc ac i roi cymorth priodol iddynt.

“Mewn ymateb i heriau sydd wedi’u lluosogi gan y pandemig mae llawer o awdurdodau lleol wedi cyflymu lansiad eu cerdyn adnabod, a bydd pob awdurdod lleol yn sicrhau bod cerdyn adnabod ar gael i’w gofalwyr ifanc erbyn mis Mawrth 2022.

“Yr Wythnos Gofalwyr hon rydym yn falch o ddathlu lansio’r cerdyn adnabod yng Nghaerdydd a Bro Morgannwg a fydd yn helpu i sicrhau bod gofalwyr ifanc ar draws y rhanbarth yn cael y gydnabyddiaeth, y parch a’r gefnogaeth y maent yn eu haeddu.

“Rydym wedi croesawu’r cyfle i gydweithio â Llywodraeth Cymru, awdurdodau lleol a chyrff proffesiynol ledled Cymru i wneud cynnydd mor gadarnhaol i ofalwyr ifanc.”


Gall ysgolion a gweithwyr addysg proffesiynol gyfeirio gofalwr ifanc at y cynllun cerdyn adnabod ar wefan YMCA yma https://www.ymcacardiff.wales/ycid. Gall gofalwyr ifanc atgyfeirio eu hunain hefyd, ond rhaid i unrhyw un dan 14 oed gael cydsyniad rhieni cyn cael cerdyn.

Mae Ymddiriedolaeth Gofalwyr Cymru wedi bod yn allweddol wrth gefnogi’r cynllun cerdyn adnabod cenedlaethol a’i gyflwyno ledled Cymru. I ategu’r cardiau adnabod newydd, cynhyrchwyd amrywiaeth o adnoddau dysgu gan yr Ymddiriedolaeth gan gynnwys animeiddiadau a straeon gofalwyr ifanc i helpu athrawon, meddygon ac eraill i ddeall mwy am yr heriau y mae gofalwyr ifanc yn eu hwynebu.

Gwyliwch yr animeiddiad yma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwoB6SaaBbY ac ewch i Yr holl adnoddau – Ymddiriedolaeth Gofalwyr am ystod o wybodaeth ddefnyddiol.



Ymgynghorydd y Cyfryngau, Andrea Currie Ffôn: 029 2087 3107

E-bost: acurrie@caerdydd.gov.uk


Nodiadau i olygyddion:


Gwahoddir newyddiadurwyr i lansiad Cynllun ID Gofalwyr Ifanc Caerdydd a’r Fro yn YMCA Plas, 2 Shakespeare St, Caerdydd CF24 3ES ar Fehefin 10fed, 2021 am 4pm. Os hoffech chi fod yn bresennol ac i gael mwy o wybodaeth, cysylltwch ag Andrea Currie.